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Let’s Get Real About Small Businesses

Harbor America - Nov 13, 2019, 12:43:51 PM

Most business owners are initially driven with the purpose of becoming their own boss, but the reality is they are also becoming a cog in the economic wheel drives the nation. 57.9 million people are employed by small businesses which currently makes up 47.8% of U.S. employees.

Topics: Tips for Small Business Owners- Benefits

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Vacant Land and Building Liability

Harbor America - Nov 8, 2019, 10:47:56 AM

It is common for land and building owners to find themselves with a parcel of unused, vacant land or a vacant building from time to time. What most owners forget is that it is still important to consider risks associated to the land or building. For example, if an individual is injured on the land parcel, the land owner is still liable.

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Promoting Stress Management

Harbor America - Oct 29, 2019, 3:34:47 PM

Topics: Employee Retention- employee morale- boosting morale

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Partner Post: Partner Post: Helping Small Businesses Understand Workers’ Compensation

Harbor America - Oct 21, 2019, 2:54:03 PM
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How Millennials Can Inspire the Workplace

Harbor America - Oct 11, 2019, 2:19:20 PM

Employers around the country are noticing an influx in roles once held by baby boomers now being filled by the next generation: millennials. Recruiting millennials can bring a new and refreshed outlook on the idea of hardworking employees who are eager to learn and engage in new opportunities.

Topics: Workplace Culture

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Basic Components of Cyber Risk Management

Harbor America - Oct 4, 2019, 3:32:37 PM
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Avoiding Digital HR Disruptions

Harbor America - Sep 26, 2019, 2:14:18 PM


Topics: HR

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Understanding HIPAA Privacy

Harbor America - Sep 18, 2019, 8:52:38 AM
Regulatory compliance can be confusing and costly, leaving employers feeling intimidated and worried about the potential for fines and errors. When It comes to government compliance, including HIPAA and OSHA, Harbor America is on your side and will help you navigate any regulations you may be overlooking.

Topics: Compliance- osha- hipaa

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Encouraging a Bond Between HR and IT

Harbor America - Sep 10, 2019, 2:15:05 PM

Productivity and efficiency have brought technology to paper-only departments, including human resources. This new technology gives businesses the opportunity and power to take on additional security and responsibility while innovating new and better ways to improve business operations and administration. As more technology is added to the HR team’s available stock of resources and tools, their relationship with the IT department will become even more relevant.

New HR platforms will add an immense amount of power and functionality to the team; however, the security and base integration requirements will have to come from IT. Working closely with IT is one of the only ways to verify the company’s data remains secure and protected.

A lack of mutual understanding can cause issues in HR and IT collaboration. If both teams have independent goals for a project and are not on the same page, the project will not likely meet the timeline or budget. Top-performing companies make this inter-departmental collaboration a focus and goal.

Questions that need to be considered when reviewing a new HR technology platform from an IT perspective include:

Topics: Human Resources- HR Tips- Workplace Culture- IT

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Dealing with Workers' Compensation Fraud

Harbor America - Sep 3, 2019, 10:45:28 AM


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